Don’t let shiny object syndrome distract you from your business systems

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Shiny object syndrome is a term often used to describe the tendency to become obsessed with new ideas or objects, at the expense of older ones. This can be a problem in business, where shiny object syndrome can lead to a never-ending cycle of chasing after new ideas, instead of creating systems that will support long-term success.

There are a few ways to combat shiny object syndrome. First, it’s important to be aware of the symptoms: constantly jumping from one idea to the next, finding it difficult to stick with anything for more than a short period of time, and always needing something new to keep you motivated. If you find yourself exhibiting these symptoms, it’s time to take a step back and reassess your priorities.

Focus on Systems Thinking, Not Shiny Objects

In a fast-paced, constantly-connected world, it’s easy to get caught up in the latest shiny object and forget about the systems that keep our businesses running. But as tempting as it is to chase the latest trend, it’s important to remember that systems thinking is a powerful way of looking at the world that can help us see how everything is connected.

By understanding how systems work, we can create structures and processes that help us achieve our goals more efficiently and effectively. We can also avoid or resolve problems more quickly when we see them as part of a larger system.

So next time you’re tempted to chase a new shiny object, take a step back and think about how it fits into the bigger picture. You may find that it’s not worth your time after all.

The Pros of Shiny Object Syndrome

When you’re first starting out in business, it’s easy to get caught up in the allure of new ideas and shiny objects. You see other businesses succeeding with a certain approach or tool, and you think, “I need to get my hands on that!” But before you go chasing after the latest and greatest thing, it’s important to take a step back and make sure you have the foundation in place first.

Shiny object syndrome can actually be helpful in this respect. By constantly being on the lookout for new opportunities, you can keep your business moving forward and avoid getting bogged down in the day-to-day grind. Just be sure to focus on implementing new ideas in a way that will support your long-term goals.

For example, let’s say you’re considering investing in a new CRM system. If you already have a CRM system in place, but you aren’t taking advantage of it, then that’s something to fix. But if you have no CRM system in place, then any investment in a new CRM system may be worth considering if it would help improve efficiency or productivity within your business.

The Cons of Shiny Object Syndrome

It’s no secret that we live in a world of constant distraction. Whether it’s the never-ending stream of notifications from our phones or the overwhelming array of choices we have at our fingertips, it seems like there’s always something vying for our attention. And while it might seem like we’re just easily distracted, the truth is that we often convince ourselves that we’re being productive when we’re really not.

There’s no denying that shiny objects can be distracting. But as entrepreneurs, we need to be especially mindful of letting shiny object syndrome derail our business goals.

On the surface, it can be tempting to chase after the latest and greatest new thing. But if we’re not careful, we can quickly get caught up in a cycle of constantly starting new projects and never finishing anything. Not only is this counterproductive, but it can also be frustrating and overwhelming.

To avoid shiny object syndrome, it’s important to have a clear vision for your business and what you want to achieve. Once you know what your goal is, you can more easily filter out distractions and focus on what’s truly important.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with trying new things or taking on new challenges.


Shiny object syndrome can be a major productivity killer. If you find yourself constantly drawn to new and shiny objects, it’s important to find ways to refocus your attention and stay on track.

One way to do this is to use shiny object syndrome to your advantage. Instead of letting it distract you from your goals, use it as motivation to create systems that will help you achieve those goals. For example, if you’re constantly drawn to new ideas, use a system to capture those ideas and track your progress on them. This way, you can keep moving forward on your projects while still keeping an eye out for new opportunities.

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