The Perfect Service

The Perfect Service Experience Strategy is a holistic approach to your business that ensures that every piece works together to complement the whole. With this approach, you'll clearly see how each part of your business influences the overall success of the company, allowing you to cast ineffective methods aside and to put more resources toward effective solutions that move you closer to executing The Perfect Service Experience.

You Started with a Dream!

You started with a dream of turning your passion and zone of genius into a business of your own!

You’ve worked hard to build and nurture your Dream! You worked many hours and made numerous sacrifices, but you made it!

Congratulations, you're a successful Solopreneur!

But now, you want more...You need more! You want to scale the amazing business you have built with ease, knowing it’s organized and streamlined!

You're fierce and determined and have no intentions of slowing down as you scale your client roster and revenue!

You're ready to optimize the different segments of your business so that each facet works Independent of you rather than Dependent on you so that YOU can remain in YOUR zone of genius.......your passion!  

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Deploying The Perfect Service Experience Strategy in your business is exactly what you need.

You’ve built an amazing business and you’re scaling it because you continue to gain new clients!

But, you don't know what to do next!

You think that being a Solopreneur means that YOU have to do everything!

You may be working by yourself, but don't lose sight of the fact that growth will eventually require a team because there are things only other people can do!

You know in order to keep going, you need to grow management, too – and this means bringing in strong leaders who have time, talent, and skills along with other resources necessary to let your business grow even more efficiently as required!

But, you don't have time!

Every hour of your workday is booked!

Being a Solopreneur simply means that you are the sole operator of the business!

A Solopreneur can still have a team of independent contractors that have their own passion and zone of genius!

While you are responsible for it all, you don't have to do it all!

Instead of spending time trying to focus on all of these angles at once, why not get a holistic view of the situation!

Only then will it make sense and focus your efforts where they can make the biggest impact!

This is for You!

If you are ready to free yourself from distractions and pinpoint weaknesses in your business exactly where they occur, then Deploying The Perfect Service Experience Strategy is for you!

This experience outlines the delicate balance between your people processes and your operational processes, and how when in sync, you can truly deliver The Perfect Service Experience to your clients.

Imagine optimizing every aspect of your business so you are free to work on the thought-provoking, creative projects you do best!

Simply put, after Deploying The Perfect Service Experience Strategy, your business can now focus on expanding into new parts of the globe: colleagues, contractors, and clients. This interaction is what will truly grant your business success.


The results of Deploying The Perfect Service Experience Strategy are holistic as well. It's extremely important that you know what you can expect from this course. After all, the results are the key to your investment.

Simply put, when you Deploy & Execute The Perfect Service Experience Strategy in your business you can expect to see a significant impact in your "AND" dashboard. With improved Leadership, Team, Processes, Systems and Execution you will........

Excuses Are Not Welcome Here

Not Enough Time

You are aware that every minute counts and you simply do not have the time to spare on another do-it-yourself course which takes weeks to complete, only to pile up on some desktop somewhere…

Practice Prioritization

The truth is that in order to be good at anything, it requires a lot of practice. Practice and knowledge are the same things until they're not. Good intentions will get you only so far. The best way to learn anything new is by coming headfirst into all phases of your learning experience.

Reading, listening, watching, and practicing what you've just learned again and again makes the difference between an amateur and pro even though both still contain info on how to perform your craft successfully.

Deploying The Perfect Service Experience Strategy is designed to get you your time back!

I'm New In Business

You may be a Solopreneur and just starting out in business. If you don't have different departments established within it, this is the course to help you scale your business.

Scale the Right Way

It's important to know if you're doing things correctly or making mistakes, and Deploying The Perfect Service Experience Strategy helps guide you so you don't make the mistakes that will prevent you from scaling your revenue and your client roster.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could have a fully thought out course where you just discover the right combination of people and operational processes, helping your business run like clockwork? With The Perfect Service Experience Strategy, you have just that. We’ve created The Perfect Service Experience Strategy to bring order to your internal communications and improve the way you connect with your customers on a consistent basis.

I'm a Seasoned Business Owner

As an executive of a scaling business, you will be responsible for overseeing operations across departments such as HR, Marketing, and Sales among others.

Optimize as an Executive Leader

You might not always have time to attend to every minute detail of your business. That's why running operations with the help of a cross-functional team is so important.

This course will help you better understand your role as an executive leader and help you optimize those departments and keep operations running in tiptop shape at all times!

Introducing The Perfect Service Experience

Our method is based on being a total package for you in providing skills and tactics you can implement through leadership, team, systems, process, and execution readiness. Learn more about each of these modules and what you will find inside the course.

Operations Readiness

Operations Readiness means that your business is set up like a business and prepared to go to market with your product or service. While we are going to dive deep into each of the Readiness Areas, it's important to me that you get your business moving forward as quickly as possible.

Whether you are a new startup Solopreneur or an existing Solopreneur that is ready to scale, the Operations Readiness Module is going to walk you through everything that you need to have in place to Deploy The Perfect Service Experience Strategy in your business.

Marketing Readiness

Marketing Readiness refers to the actions you will take to attract an audience to your business's product or services through high-quality messaging. Marketing aims to deliver standalone value for your prospects and consumers through content, with the long-term goal of demonstrating product value, strengthening brand loyalty, and ultimately increasing sales.

At the end of the day, learning how to properly and effectively Market your Solopreneur business will be vital to its success. People can't find you if they don't know how to find you. So, in the Marketing Readiness module, I am going to teach everything from Defining Your Offer to Deploying your marketing strategy so that you can build a profitable business fast.

Marketing plan and strategy
Sales data

Sales Readiness

Marketing Readiness alone isn't going to make you profitable. You need the right sales strategy and the right execution to ensure that your leads turn into paying clients. The Sales Readiness Module is going to transform how to go to market with your product or service.

A sale is a transaction between two or more parties in which the buyer receives tangible or intangible goods, services, or assets in exchange for money. In some cases, other assets are paid to a seller. You will be able to implement much of this training immediately while you continue to Deploy The Perfect Service Experience Strategy in your business.

Client Readiness

Client Readiness means that your work is polished, with your ‘i’s dotted and your ‘t’s crossed. It means that your client support infrastructure is set and fully operational. This means everything from creating your Proposal template to delivering Perfect Service to your client.

Client Readiness is ensuring that have an organized and detailed plan in order to properly and effectively serve your clients. You have invested time and money into signing every client. I am going to teach you how to make sure your client readiness is bulletproof.

Chat with client.
Entrepreneur signing documents

Process Readiness

Learn how to create processes in your business- and identify and define the processes that you actually need!

When you document and implement these processes (that will support anyone who interacts with your business) you will be able to truly deliver an excellent experience to your customers.

Learn how to monitor and improve the performance of the processes you've documented and implemented (so that your current or future team can continue to run the business on auto-pilot).

Process Readiness means that every detail of your business operation is clearly defined and documented. It's important to always remember that your team doesn't know what they don't know! During the Team Readiness module, we will cover the importance of creating Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs) for specific tasks. But, during this module, we are going to focus specifically on the process, or workflow of how all work is to be defined. A process is defined as "a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end. We are going to do a deep dive to ensure that each Readiness Area has clear defined Processes.

Systems Readiness

Creating processes in software systems is important and is a crucial part of your job as a business executive. It gives you the ability to become even more efficient in your workflow and saves a lot of time. By creating a template you can use for each process, it's easier for you to complete the task in a timely fashion. With these systems, you can add due dates for the different steps you have outlined to help your team know the completion timeframes, and optimize your workflow.

A system is basically the deployment tool for the processes that you have in place. Basically, it is HOW you are going to get the RIGHT things done. In today's environment, having the RIGHT systems in place to operate your business is critical. The days of operation and managing your business on a notepad are long gone. You simply can't grow without having the RIGHT systems in place. Throughout this module, we are going to teach you how to decide which systems are right for you and your business. We will teach how to create a Management System and the Technology Stack needed in order to ensure Systems Readiness for all your Readiness Areas.

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Leadership Readiness

The Leadership Readiness within your business is displayed through the various mannerisms you exhibit through your everyday interactions.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur at a start-up or the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, a solopreneur, or just someone who works in someone else’s business, your leadership readiness needs to be compatible with that of your employer and/or clientele.

Your unique characteristics, drive, and raw talent must be able to augment your professional life in order to give top-quality products to those whose lives are impacted by what you produce. The key thing here is not only how you perform but also when and why it is done.

This factor helps create a resonating level of loyalty among those whom have grown accustomed to working with you over time as opposed to remaining stagnant where there is no progression or growth in terms of the material and immaterial asset deposits made within both parties - employer & employee.

Let's face it, there is no shortage of books, blogs, magazines, and studies on the topic of Leadership. Trust me, I feel like I have read or studied them all. Truthfully, the market is flooded with a variety of Leadership strategies and philosophies that I agree with and practice in my own business. With that said, the major shortfall that is incredibly apparent to me is that they are all very one-dimensional. By that I mean, that they teach their lessons only on leadership without regard to the impact it has or doesn't have on the rest of the business. So, I have focused these Leadership lessons in a way that supports the holistic strategic approach needed in order to Deploy The Perfect Service Experience Strategy in your business.

Team Readiness

At the end of the day, your Team is an extension of you…. and your Leadership. Have you ever met a successful person who has not had support or guidance from another person? One of the most important factors to success is teamwork.

Without a team, leaders rely solely on themselves and their own skills. There’s less room for growth, innovation, and collaboration. The truth is that teammates are at the heart of great achievements.

The question isn’t whether teams have value. The question is whether we acknowledge that fact and learn how to build the team necessary to achieve our desired results.

Adding people to your team is arguably the most important investment that you can make in your business. Typically, it's also the most expensive investment that you will make. But, what happens when you add someone to your team that does not lead to a return on your investment? This module is dedicated exclusively to helping you to ensure that you have Team Readiness at the level necessary to support Deploying The Perfect Service Experience Strategy. In the simplest statement, we are going to teach you how to make sure you have The RIGHT number of the RIGHT people in the RIGHT positions doing the RIGHT things at the RIGHT time!

Symbolizing unity and teamwork
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Execution Readiness

We all know that there are tens of tasks we can tackle throughout our workday, but not everyone fully understands what it takes to be an effective executor. While productivity is often associated with working long hours and trying hard to complete whatever tasks come your way, there is another way you can get more done without having to require more time from your day: organization!

Sometimes the answer is as simple as breaking down what needs to be done into smaller pieces and ensuring that if you need the motivation to complete the big picture, you have a piece of the puzzle for each task along the way.

Simply put........Getting. Things. Done! Now, if it were only that simple right? Look, one of the biggest challenges that business owners and other leaders face is having the RIGHT people getting the RIGHT things done at the RIGHT time. The Team Readiness module is going to ensure that you have the RIGHT number of the RIGHT people in the RIGHT positions. The Execution Readiness Module is about teaching you how to ensure that your team is getting the RIGHT things done at the RIGHT times. I am going to teach you how to build a bulletproof execution plan that will propel your business to greatness.

Environmental Readiness

Environmental Readiness is ensuring that you have your workspace set up in the most optimal way. This could mean slightly different things for different people based on how and when you are most productive. Being a Solopreneur, your time is incredibly valuable. Throughout the Environmental Readiness module, I am going to teach you the principles of Kaizen and Six Sigma, Kaizen is a Japanese term meaning "change for the better" or "continuous improvement." It is a Japanese business philosophy regarding the processes that continuously improve operations and involve all employees.

Kaizen sees improvement in productivity as a gradual and methodical process. Six Sigma is a set of management techniques intended to improve business processes by greatly reducing the probability that an error or defect will occur.

Composition of items for study and productivity.

Deploying The Perfect Service Experience

Deploying The Perfect Service Experience Strategy is a self-paced course that teaches you the fundamentals of what makes a great service experience. Enjoy these features of the course!

Deploying The Perfect Service Experience Strategy Vision Roadmap Action Plan Template:

A Trello or Asana Template that presents you with a roadmap for getting started with each course module.

Weekly Live Training with Live Question and Answer session:

Join us for live training every week!  You’ll get real-time feedback and answers to the questions you need to know.  Plus, each training is recorded and transcribed for your easy review.

Monthly Live Expert Guest Speakers:

We have a network of industry leaders to make special appearances and share their knowledge with you.

Resource Vault Access:

Throughout the years we have created a library of templates, resources, and guides designed specifically to help you Deploy The Perfect Service Experience Strategy in your business!

Facebook Group Support:

There’s nothing like an empowering community that is right alongside the same journey you are experiencing.  Embrace these powerful CEOs, network, and build lifelong friendships.

Outsource Directory Access:

Connecting you to service providers who create engaging and high-quality services while paying less, saving time, and collaborating in real-time.

But Wait, There's More!

Team Trello Board ($97 Value)

Organize the roles and responsibilities of your team, their contact information, and their current project tasks all from one place in Trello.

60 Min Consulting Call ($297 Value)

We help design a 6-12 month plan custom to the unique needs of your business growth and people strategy, all laid out for you in a visual map with detailed explanations.

Learn From The Best

Discover how to offer a superior customer service experience, how to differentiate your services, and how to make your customers tell their friends and family about you for only...


Achieve the ultimate balance with Operations Readiness, Marketing Readiness, Sales Readiness, Client Readiness, Process Readiness, Systems Readiness, Leadership Readiness, Team Readiness, Execution Readiness & Environmental Readiness so that you can truly Deploy The Perfect Service Experience Strategy.

Imagine what it would be like to optimize every aspect of your business so you are free to work on the thought-provoking, creative projects you do best!

Without the administrative burden of managing your people and operational processes, you are free to focus on your clients, on expanding into new parts of the globe, and on your creative projects.

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Do You Have Questions?

Do you have questions about The Perfect Service Experience Course and if it is the right course for you? Check out some of our frequently asked questions here.

Yes, this course is a holistic approach. The Team Readiness modules teach you how to define, organize and prioritize your business using Defined Roles & Responsibilities. So, even if you are doing it all at the moment, you will learn how efficiently document your work in preparation for future outsourcing.

This course is strategically designed for a leader to remain involved with every aspect of the business! We teach delegation and execution, not desertion!

There are many factors that will impact this……Your commitment, the size of your team, your current process status, the status of your current systems.

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Learn From The Best of the Best.

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Learn from the industry experts who will guide you in the right direction.

It is not just having a well trained, smart, and efficient team, but how to organize them to work as a single unit, to deliver in its entirety as a single entity, to perform as a company, always contemplating the needs and convenience of clients, thus making it The Perfect Service Experience.

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