Reduce expenses and improve profits with an efficient and productive team

Business team in co-working creative space

An efficient and productive team is key to any successful business. There are many benefits to having an efficient and productive team, including reducing expenses and improving profits.

Here are some tips on how to create an efficient and productive team, and reduce your operating expenses:

Define Roles and Responsibilities

You’ve got different positions established within your business and hired for that role, but things still aren’t running as smoothly as you’d like them to. You notice that some team members are going above and beyond their job descriptions, just to make sure projects hit their deadlines. This might work in the short-term, but it’s not a sustainable solution. If the position you need for your business does not exist yet, you can create it and define the role. This way, when it comes time to hire someone for the position, you will know exactly what is expected of them and what skills are required. When every team member knows their role and what is expected of them, the team work more efficiently and this will avoid duplication of effort.

Reduce Administrative Expenses with Automation

In order to reduce expenses and improve profits, businesses need to find ways to reduce the amount of time employees spend on tasks that don’t need to be done. One way to do this is to automate the task. This can be done by using software or hiring a third-party company to handle the task. Automating tasks with software allows you to use your employees’ time more wisely. By doing so, you will be able to reduce overhead costs and improve employee productivity. 


It can often be difficult for business owners to take a step back and relinquish control, but it’s important to remember that doing so can actually help your business grow. You’ve done the hard work of building your organization and establishing its systems – now it’s time to let your leaders take charge of the day-to-day operations. You can still steer the ship from behind the scenes, but this will give you the opportunity to focus on other aspects of your business and allow your team to flourish. Moreover, you team can outsource tasks that are outside of their wheelhouse, or tasks they can get completed more economically from a third party. Engaging in delegation and outsourcing can save you in payroll and operating expenses.


It’s important to recognize that growing your business and finding success is about more than just the products you’ve created for the marketplace. Evaluating your current business model and roles and responsibilities is critical to the success and sustainability of any company or organization. With this in place, you can evaluate and revise the necessary operations for your business to continue to thrive. At The True North Consulting, we pride ourselves leading our clients to a net profit improvement of 25% through expense reduction with a team blueprint that optimizes team execution. We are confident that your blueprint will give you everything you need to succeed in leading your company to your desired future state. Consider consulting with The True North for your profit improvements today.

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