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How To Solopreneur Like A Boss

The Future is You.

Solopreneurs are the future of business. In this economy, especially, it’s become the norm for people to make money through freelance or self-employment. Because you’re your own boss and have the freedom to use your creativity, you can make a business that will revolutionize your industry.

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Will Power.

Will power is a powerful thing and the difference between the people who forge great careers and the people who don’t. It isn’t magic. It’s hard work, dedication, and those all-important life hacks that can turn you from a solopreneur struggling to make ends meet to a solopreneur carving out a healthy income and lifestyle.

Think creatively and see opportunities where others see problems

You’ve taken on a huge responsibility as you solopreneur like a boss, and we all know it’s much easier when you have support as you make the decisions that will help your company grow. Here’s where the How to Solopreneur Like A Boss Audio Summit comes in!

We’ve persuaded 38 AMAZING and successful solopreneurs to spill their most guarded secrets on how to skyrocket your business.

From financials to marketing, these experts are serving you with valuable lessons…and each speaker has a bonus or giveaway to shortcut your path to success!
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Our Experienced Speakers

Deploying The Perfect Service Experience Strategy

Randy Laxson, The True North Consulting

Randy is a Business Operations Consultant & Fractional C.O.O. He has also created a self-paced course called How To Solopreneur Like A Boss – Deploying The Perfect Service Experience Strategy.

He helps Solopreneurs build high-performing efficient teams while optimizing their operations infrastructure, implementing sustainable systems, and automating their processes in order to reduce operating costs and improve profitability.

Daily Actions to Build a Highly Engaged Audience that Converts in DMs

Danielle Wilson, Mentor & Coach

Facebook posts that will consistently send 1 to 2 hot new leads to your inbox each week, and will then convert 75%+ without sales calls – sound like a fantasy?

Hi, I’m Danielle. My approach to creating high-impact Facebook content that converts in the DMs is simple:

1. Understand your buyer, and the problems they face, INTIMATELY, and

2. Build an aligned audience, filled with people who need what you sell! Then,

3. Write your posts in their language, using my simple framework.

5 Game-Changing Moves to Attract High-Quality Leads NOW from Your Social Media Marketing

Ginna Tassanelli, HYPE Media, Inc. & Stylishly Branded

Ginna Tassanelli and her team at HYPE Media, Inc./Stylishly Branded work with high level experts and businesses to elevate their brand’s visibility with influence on social media using a simple rinse and repeat method, The Unapologetically Influential Method™, that allows them to show up more by doing less so that they can generate high quality leads.


Affirmations - 3 main reasons your affirmations don’t work

Anna Thellmann, Thellmann Consulting

Anna is the founder of Thellmann Consulting, operating from China where her focus lies in working as a life coach guiding high performing women to break free from perfectionism, control and self-doubt to allow them to enjoy the present and embrace possibilities the future has to offer.

Anna helps shifting their mindset from self-sabotaging to self-loving by integrating coaching approaches, psychological theories and NLP in all of her offerings.

The Future of Your Brand in 2023!

Kusha Kalra, The Bespoke Designs

Kusha is a brand expert and confidence coach. She helps female coaches(like mindset coaches, holistic wellness coaches, and spiritual coaches) makeover their personal branding using visuals and scales their business by increasing their visibility and clients.

She also specializes in done-for-you VIP intensives in creating brand makeovers (logo, mood board, social media graphics, Ad graphics, launch assets, promotional graphics, E-books, PDFs, workbooks etc). Done in a Day!

Ready For Year End?

Patty Saggio, Count on Patty

Patty is the bookkeeper for coaches and entrepreneurs who know they need to keep better track of the dollars moving in and out of their business. She brings more than a decade of corporate number crunching experience along with 14 years of home business building experience to ensure your numbers are working for you. You can always Count On Patty!

5 Tips for a High-Converting Website

April Hiatt, Impactful Online Solutions

April Hiatt is a website designer, trainer, and owner of Impactful Online Solutions. She specializes in working with coaches and service-based businesses to quickly and cost-effectively create lead-generating websites that speak to your ideal client, grow your leads and build your business.

Most people get stressed out when they have to figure out the tech for their business, April takes the frustration and overwhelm out of that process so you feel confident to create the website of your dreams without the nightmare price tag. No coding, no tech and no design skills required!


Beating Solopreneur Burnout

Jodie Solberg CHT, Psyched Up Success

Jodie Solberg is a Mental Wellness and Success Coach, Certified Master Hypnotherapist, Transformational Speaker, International Best-Selling Author, and the founder and CEO of Psyched Up Success. Jodie loves working with purpose driven professionals who are on a mission to live in alignment with their passion and values to create real and lasting change in their lives and the world around them.

She helps her clients heal from trauma and anxiety, remove mental blocks and gain clarity and confidence to create work-life harmony, beat burnout, and achieve both their personal and professional goals. 

A Solopreneur's Guide to a Burnout Free Holiday Season

Amanda McWhorter, Amanda McWhorter Coaching

Amanda McWhorter is a Corporate Dropout, recovering People Pleaser, and Perfectionist turned Burnout Recovery Coach. After 18 years in Corporate, she Burnt out and quit her job in a last-ditch attempt to get her life back and regain some sense of self.

Her Corporate Detox™ journey has lit a fire in her that burns deep. It has become her mission to help others who find themselves buried in the rubble of burnout, dig their way out and step into a life that they truly love. 

It’s time to extinguish the Burnout that has become part of the hustle-and-grind culture.

How to set goals and acheive them in less time!

Kylie Clark, Frazzled to Freedom Consulting

Kylie Clark is a Certified Director of Operations, Business Mapping Strategist and Founder of Frazzled to Freedom Consulting, living the good LIFE in Arkansas where the weather can change as fast as her kids’ moods. Kylie ditched the rat race in favor of finding her own way towards time and financial freedom. Now Kylie helps online service providers do the same by creating business plans that deliver clarity, direction and TIME while scaling your business without burnout.

Recognize Your Purpose 24/7, at Home, in Relationships & in Your Business

Sandra Lee, Miracle Inspirations

To gain clarity about the benefits you provide and choose actions that lead to success, work with Sandra Lee. With thirty years of experience in intuitive energetic work, Sandra is like your business’ medical intuitive, confirming your inner knowing and purpose so you can make decisions with confidence. Experience Sandra’s uniquely impactful combination of Human Design and Biofield Tuning.

How to make aligned and powerful decisions NOW to receive the wealth, health, purpose, and amazing relationships you desire and deserve

MarLisa Hollands, The Juicy Life Coach

MarLisa is trained in Strategic Intervention by Tony Robbins & Cloe Madanes is a certified High-Performance Coach. She has a wealth of knowledge and life experience in parenting, masculine & feminine energy, blended families, healing trauma, attracting the love & life you deserve, and most importantly: befriending yourself. She teaches by blending strategy and supporting your spirit (think crystals, breathing/visualization, and self-reiki). She adores dogs, is a fitness educator, wine sommelier, nature lover, and practices reiki and yoga.

Financial Reset with Lisa: Overcoming 8 Money Blocks

Lisa Smith, L. A. Smith Consulting

Hi everyone, so glad to meet you all. My name is Lisa Smith. 20 years ago I began my business in Accounting and Taxation. Now, along with all Business services, I offer complete Financial Coaching with my Financial Reset program and other offers.

Eight Foundations of the Productivity Mastery Method™

Chris Nixon

Chris always continued to broaden his horizons. He became a lean six sigma black belt, an Erickson Professional Coach, a continuous improvement specialist, the creator of the Productivity Mastery Method, and an Accountability Coach. Now a sought-after speaker on productivity, accountability, efficiency, and goal setting Chris uses his unique ability to find the right solutions for people who are overwhelmed, stressed, and finding a difficult time coping with all they have to do in a day.

Chris has had a varied career from farm boy to working on tools, to managing and teaching and coaching people, to solving problems that saved companies millions of dollars. His insight and creative ways to approach challenges and problems are unique and he gets things done!

The Art of Becoming Successful

Takia D Hansley, Transcendent Life

Takia Hansley, Reality Shifter, is a Master Life Coach who helps female service providers clear their limiting beliefs and mental gremlins to create quantum shifts in their life and business, 10X-ing their results quickly, by not DOING more, but by BEING more.

She uses her experience as a life coach to help entrepreneurs get crystal clear on their vision and move past mental blocks that hold them back from achieving success despite the outcome of their previous efforts. In working with these quantum shifts, Takia’s background in Mathematics gives her a unique perspective to explore Science in what seems to be mystics.

End the Social Media Time Suck! Create an entire month of client attracting content in 2 hours or less with the Video Repurpose To Profit Method.

Jessica Brace, Purple Mermaid Media, LLC

“YouTube Queen” Jessica Brace can transform your struggling internet presence into a client-attracting magnet in 5 minutes or less. Combining the atomic power of video marketing, with her passion for helping you feel both comfortable and courageous in front of the camera, Jessica helps you create compelling videos that can generate more cash for your business.

The Marketing Shift: The 3 Elements of Simple, Sustainable Marketing Ecosystem

Renee Serrant-Layne, Renee-Nichole Global

Meet Renée Serrant-Layne, an online marketing and launch strategist, marketing systems expert, and avid track and field fan. Armed with her Triple C Framework, Renée works with service based businesses to design and build their custom marketing ecosystems that take care of their audience on their entire journey to a purchase. And to do so in a way that feels fun, fulfilling and aligned with the way they want to show up, serve and sell to their audience.

Red Flags in Your Client Contracts

Liku T. Amadi, Esq., Anasa Law Firm

Your client contract is the most important piece of your client relationship. Too many online business owners have red flags in their contracts that makes it more likely for client disputes, refund requests, and legal issues (yikes!) We’ll be going over the main pitfalls you need to avoid to protect your business and facilitate high-quality client experiences.

Your Monthly Launch Life Saver: Fill Your High Ticket Coaching Programs Faster

Cheryl Moses, Major Shift Inc.

Cheryl J. Moses also known as Cheryl Janeen is an intuitive business success coach and growth strategist that helps entrepreneurs simplify their business with high level marketing, premium offers and an elevated sales process to close more clients without hustle. Cheryl has taught over 3k students in her courses and teaches strategies to build a buyer’s list to launch and grow a lucrative business. Cheryl is a master at manifesting and helping women become the masters of their own journey towards wealth and freedom.

Performance Enhancement Practices

Kevin Raymond, Kevin Raymond Coaching

I am a Performance Mindset Coach, I work with Business Owners, Executives and other Coaches to eliminate limiting beleifs and take them to their next level of performance. I will empower you to harness your skills and abilities to work for you. You will realize your dreams and goals, and achieve unlimited results!

How to make this the year you take control of your business finances-even if you're just getting started.

Mandy Buendia, GoodDay Bookkeeping Solutions, LLC

Hello Growth Minded Business Owners! My name is Mandy Buendia and I run an accounting firm called GoodDay Bookkeeping Solutions, LLC where we help you maximize your tax efficiency, increase your profit margins and save thousands on taxes-all without having to spend hours in Spreadsheets!

Want to Grow your Money? 3 Ways to Build Your Wealth!

Myrna Laine-Hyppolite, Empower Financial Wellness

Myrna is a financial coach who helps high-achieving professional women remove the overwhelm from managing their finances, build wealth and learn the first steps to confident investing. She views managing your finances as a form of self-care. If your financial house is not in order, you will not feel well! She is an ivy-league graduate of Dartmouth College with both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees. She has an extensive background in finance with over 25 years of experience in various industries like investment banking, financial planning, corporate finance and private equity. Coming out of her Financial Breakthrough Program, her clients end up with higher savings, investments, and net worth. She provides them with an organized and simple way to manage and grow their wealth. 

Crafting Your Perfect Sales Pitch!

Kandi Lee, One-Eleven Network

As a Business Coach and Consultant to over 100,000 Business Owners and Entrepreneurs for the past 28 years, my mission has been to help people identify and overcome their roadblocks to success, master a successful mindset, create a winning sales strategy, set and achieve BARFILICIOUS goals, communicate their way to greatness and implement proven time management tools and techniques in the shortest amount of time so they can confidently create an Extraordinary Business while leaving a lasting legacy on the planet.

Start Your Podcast the Right Way!

Janis Melillo, Truly Your VA LLC

Janis Melillo is the owner and CEO of her Virtual / Executive Assistant, Podcast VA and Creative Project Manager business, TrulyYourVA LLC. She assists and coordinates creative project management (complex and simple) virtually for her clients some of which include: podcast VA services and management, social media content creation and repurpose, ghostwriting, research projects, and so much more.

The One Shift You Can Make To Start Enrolling $3k- $20k+ Dream Clients Consistently in Your Business.

Onyinye Anike, Holistic Life Purpose

Onyinye Anike is a Confidence Coach and Business Strategist for faith-based impact-driven coaches, consultants, and experts who want to confidently grow an online business by clarifying their message, elevating their authority, and landing high-ticket clients organically without sacrificing time with family.
Onyinye is also an International Bestselling Author, Speaker, and Podcaster who has been featured in various major radio, podcast, and tv media, including TedEd Women Series, USA Business Radio, Biz Talk Radio, School for Startup Radio, and is a recipient of the Brainz 500 award for her success, achievement, and dedication to helping others.

How to Identify and End What Stops You From Accomplishing Your Personal & Professional Goals

Robin Quinn Keehn, Quitting Culture

Robin Quinn Keehn is a speaker, author, podcaster, teacher, and coach. She’s a mom of four and a former music & dance studio owner and music teacher.

She is the founder of Quitting Culture and helps people who are stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed identify and end outdated commitments, promises, and agreements through her proven processes. The end result is more joy, more peace, and more flow no matter the circumstances.

Meal Planning as a Business Tool

Kare Maryn, Kitchen Life Transformation

Hi! I’m Kare, Your Kitchen Coach. I teach moms my proven, 4-step framework that allows you to enjoy a fresh, homecooked meal 4 nights/week without any mealtime drama so you can feel calm & connected to your family around the dinner table.

Putting a Dollar Figure on Your Why

Janet Mercredi, JKM Strategies

Janet Mercredi is the owner of JKM Strategies and is a business coach in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada. She empowers women led business owners to understand their finances so that they can run their business operations without having to constantly think about how to make it work. AND is on a mission to close the wage gender gap between men and women owned business owners.

5 Tips to Boost Energy and Optimize Health

Sue-Anne Hickey, Bodytypology

Sue-Anne Hickey is a Naturopath and weight loss specialist.

Her passion is in helping her clients heal their ailments naturally, lose weight, and regain their energy and happiness using her personalized body type plan, Bodytypology: System for Lasting Weight Loss. Sue-Anne combines this with Rapid Transformational (RTT) to uncover limiting beliefs and release them, creating permanent change and lasting healing.

When she’s not coaching clients or leading groups, she loves yoga, biking, skiing and being in nature.

Sugar, Cocaine and the Brain: How Sugar is preventing your body from healing and your business from growing.

Cheryl Kemppainen, Wellness with Cheryl

Cheryl is a Holistic Gut Health Coach who helps intuitive professionals with chronic illness, heal from the inside out. She is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist with specialized training in Holistic Cancer Care, Yoga teacher and Meditation Guide. She combines evidence based solutions with the magic of Woo to empower you to take control of of your body, business and life.

How a Strategically Designed Website Can Support Your Business

Tabitha DeSeranno, Vivid Pixel Studio

Hello!! I’m Tabitha a WordPress Web Designer on a mission to help online service providers feel confident in the way their business looks online with so they can establish credibility, attract more clients and maximize their social media efforts!!

Forget cookie cutter websites… your business deserves a strategically-designed website that will help you achieve your unique goals!!

Elements of a Marketing Strategy

Ginger Hilton, Nautilus Strategy & Management

Hi, I’m Ginger Hilton, owner of Nautilus Strategy & Management. I love the ocean and chose the name nautilus because the shells are found in the ocean and because the nautilus shell is an amazing representation of order in nature.

As a multi-passionate entrepreneur I provide Showit website design and template customization, business growth consulting and fractional COO services.

Creating An Affordable Skincare Line Through Private Label Manufacturing

Allison Vought, Smell No Evil, Ltd. (dba

Allison Vought is a Private Label Skincare Expert, Cosmetic Formulator, Public Speaker and the founder and CEO of Smell No Evil, Ltd. (dba

Allison loves working with small businesses, skincare professionals, retail boutiques, salons and others who want to quickly and effortlessly bring their own, branded line of skincare products to market.

With nearly 2 decades of experience as a private label manufacturer and formulator, Allison will be sharing her top tips for how to quickly and affordably enter the $99 billion dollar global skincare industry.

Vocal Impact: Why You Need to Harness the Power in Your Voice NOW

Schroeder Nordholt, Mic Drop Voice Coaching & Theme Music

Schroeder divides his time as a voice coach and composer. He is the founder of Mic Drop, the voice coaching method, guaranteed to guide professional speakers & leaders in having more confidence, persuasion, and influence when delivering their message. By tapping into their vocal potential and learning to harness its power, they can command the stage every time they speak, and make the sales & impact they’re truly here to make.

You Deserve Rest: 3 tiny self-care strategies that can support you every day!

Anastasiya Rutus, You Deserve Rest LLC

Rest coach supporting entrepreneurs and parents in having more guilt-free rest and a sustainable self-care routine in their lives. Because Rest is a Good thing and You deserve it!

Vision Board Magic: Accomplish Your Goals with Visualization

Stephanie Dee Smith, The Pink Briefcase

The Pink Briefcase was born out of a desire to find meaningful, creative information for women in the workplace. Your Success, Your Style is my motto. In other words, you shouldn’t have to dress or look like a man in order to get paid like one. I’ve helped hundreds of women find their place in the work world, start their own companies, rise to the C-suites, and become the person they always knew they were created to be, without compromising their values, hiding their feminine strengths, or turning off their pink power.

Public Speaker Paradigm Shifter

Helen Argyrou, HELEN AHA

My training is as a Clinical Psychologist which had me cover a spectrum of social change issues and personal growth challenges. As a Researcher of brain science science for health, optimised productivity and creative problem solving I beleive we can totally transform our lives, Peak our performance and elevate our destiny.

Simple Steps To A Winning Online Marketing Strategy

Jane Campbell, Get Real With Jane

Jane Campbell worked in Corporate America for over 25 years. In 2010 she began her entreprenuer journey by opening a concierge company, About You Concierge. Her clients have included both individuals and corporations, including IBM.

Jane understands the importance of marketing. She brings valuable insight as to how you can use the same marketing strategies she uses. These strategies enable you to grow your business and make more money without spending a dime on ads, or paying for leads.

Hi- I'm Randy Laxson
CEO, The True North Consulting

Hi Everyone! I’m Randy Laxson! I am a Business Coach/Consultant & Fractional C.O.O, and host of the How To Solopreneur Like A Boss™ Audio Summit. I also have a self-paced course called How To Solopreneur Like A Boss - Deploying The Perfect Service Experience Strategy.

I help Business Owners, specifically Solopreneurs, create an operation that is Independent of them rather than Dependent on them by teaching them how to organize, implement sustainable operating systems, automate their processes, and create defined roles with specific responsibilities in order to reduce operating costs and improve efficiency.

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