Roles & Responsibilities

Future State

You've Got The Vision

With Your Current Day To Day Strategy, You're Not Going To Reach Your Vision.

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Your Visual Roadmap

Can you afford to travel to your destination, reaching your vision without a map?

Perhaps you think that your team knows your expectations, that you have shared your vision with them and they know what to do to help you reach it.

Can you afford to operate on this assumption? Are the roles and responsibilities of your team truly defined?

Find Clarity in Defined Expectations

You are one step closer.

The solution you have been waiting for is here. The Roles and Responsibilities Blueprint is what you have been waiting for.

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Roles and Responsibilities


Align the current state of your business with the action steps needed to reach your future state vision.

This 6-12 month proposal guides you with the short-term decisions you as the CEO need to make to reach your long-term goals- and who to hire to get you there.

Prepare to transform your people strategy and scale strategically

Prepare for Strategic Scaling

Org .Design Intake Questionnaire Call

We partner with you to create the vision and defined approach that aligns your business goals and people strategy. During this call, we will ask change making questions.

Step 1

Step 2

Future State Strategy

We take stock of what's working and find the gaps and hidden opportunities and bring them to light.

Vision Map

We help design a 6-12 month plan custom to the unique needs of your business growth and people strategy, all laid out for you in a visual map with detailed explanations.

Step 3

Step 4

Expert Expectations

You vision map includes the expectations of your people strategy and their roles, ensuring you meet the expectations for the future state of your business.

Strategic Planning Consult

After formulation of the vision map, we meet with you to support you as you prepare to execute your new roles and responsibilities blueprint.

Step 5

Step 6

Voxer Support

We realize questions may arise as you start your implementation process, thus you have access to us through Voxer for 30 days after we deliver your blueprint to you.

Success and Sustainability

Evaluation of your current roles and responsibilities is critical to the success and sustainability of your business. We evaluate and revise your strategy to ensure your business will continue to thrive.

Working as a team.

Hi- We are The True North Consulting,
Randy and Hilary Laxson.

As Fractional COO's, we know the struggles CEOs experience with their people strategy, and have had the pleasure to support people just like you by revising the roles and responsibilities of their team.

Get started today with your personalized roles and responsibilities blueprint.